Memorial Hall

The competition task was to design a Memorial Hall situated next to the cementary in Wola district, Warsaw. The place where thousands of people, mostly families were killed by the Nazis in 1944 during the World War II. Many of the victims were burned inside of their houses this is why we wanted the house to be the inspiration for our project. The building has two floors. The upper one resembles the interior of a house with a steel table and chairs in the middle which are to show the emptiness left after the inhabitants of the house were killed. The visitors looking at the table can imagine an ordinary family from the year 1944 gathered around to have lunch together. This family event could have been brutally stopped by their death. We wanted this part of the building to induce the strongest feelings. The walls are made of brick. Each piece resembles one victim with the name engraved on it. The idea was to show the inmense number of people that lost their lives. The brick wall continues in the park as a Memorial Wall leading to the monument constructed over the 5,5 tones of victims’ ashes buried together. The lower part of the building situated underground is a museum and information center.

If it comes to siteplan we decided to situate the Memorial hall just at the entrance to the cementary. We wanted it to draw attention of the people passing by. The upper part is shaped as an arc which becomes a frame for the Victims monument located on the same axis inside of the park.

Date: 2014
Project type: Architectural competition
Location: Warsaw,Poland
Tools: AutoCad, Photoshop, 3d Studio Max